April 12, 2007

Spring Practice--Day 6 rain or shine

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Boy, another awful day weather wise in Corvallis, it was unreal windy so everyone
was indoors today for the entire time. A pretty nice crowd turned out today, which
was really nice to see. A lot of encouraging things, and also some disappointing
as well. Thankfully it is just spring ball and we have time to get the kinks out.
So this is what I viewed today at practice:

-From a throwing standpoint, the quarterbacks didn't exactly have the best
day. Sean Canfield looked the best but not by much. They did a drill
where they threw short lob passes to the corner of the field, and none of them
were accurate. It is a tough throw to perfect, but the coaches weren't very
happy that passes weren't being hit in the right spot. I like Lyle Moevao
running the football, he has moves and it's been a long time since we've had
a QB that can run (last one that could? Terrance Bryant? Don Shanklin?
Rahim Muhammad, I can't remember). If he doesn't win the starting spot,
maybe he can be like a Marquis Tuiasasopo and come in from time to time and
run with the ball. Not sure if that fits the Mike Riley style, but
I like the idea. Moevao, however, threw a lot of bad passes, some that were
easily picked off and weren't close to his targets.

-Obviously there isn't much to talk about at the running back position since
we all know who the starter is, but Yvenson Bernard had an impressive
move on a screen pass. He caught the ball and completely juked out linebacker
Casey Noack, which definitely got oohs and aahs from teammates and

-Sammie Stroughter continues to amaze me with his awesome catches.
Although at first, he dropped a beautiful long pass from Canfield with no one
around him. But he quickly redeemed himself by making a couple nice grabs with
hardcore coverage on him. He also made one of the nicest catches I've seen in
quite some time.

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