April 10, 2007

The Big Cat Speaks - The Home Stretch

Spring sprang last month and while the weather has not always cooperated with head football coach Bill Doba - having decidedly un-spring-like snow and hail in two of the four weeks they have conducted the spring practices - he has at least been able to make little bits of progress, most notably in more precisely assessing the Cougars' acknowledged weakness - the defensive secondary. While it was no surprise to Doba that this was a weakness - he recruited toward it to the tune of nearly double digit proportions in the off-season - he has a somewhat clearer picture of the muddied landscape that he entered when spring rolled around in March. At that point, he knew he had some returning players with some experience but he didn't know how well they would play with the bullseyes on their backs in spring. Now he knows, and it is still a cause for concern.

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