March 7, 2007

Lemon returns to the practice field

The Georgia Bulldogs had a nice surprise when the hit they practice field on Wednesday afternoon with Michael Lemon making his first appearance of the spring.

Lemon has been out of school since the tragic death of his mother Phaba LaDon Hollingshed-Lemon on February 21. Georgia Head coach Mark Richt was excited to have Lemon back on the practice field and around his teammates playing the sport he loves.

"I was great to have Michael out there period and he did a good job. He is out there working hard and seems to be doing just fine. He went to school today and yesterday," said Richt of Lemon. "We have an academic report and it looks like he will be able to salvage this semester and maybe even thrive this semester. His professors have been very understanding of what he has been through and are working with him. I belief he will be fine this semester if he does his part."

Lemon was happy to return to the routine of practice and out of the situation in Lizella, Georgia.

"It was really good to be back out here and a change of scenery and situation with all the sorrow and sadness down there. It is cheerful up here and that is helping out a lot," said Lemon.

Following the death of his mother Lemon took custody of his younger brother Marquez who is 15 and Lemon has spent much of his time in the last few weeks making arrangements for his brother's needs.

"I have been working on the living situation and school just to get him the necessities he needs. My goal is to make sure that he is ok and that is all I am working towards right now," said Lemon. "Marquez is living with my aunt back home right now."

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