February 27, 2007

Bulldogs wrap up 2nd day of work

Mississippi State wrapped up its second day of work before an off day. Coach Croom confirmed the status of quarterback Tray Rutland and talked about his team's effort on day two.

"I thought our effort was good for the most part. We are still in that stage of learning assignments, that's about all you can do from a shorts standpoint. It allows us to get a lot of teaching done without contact and minimize injuries. We have not had anybody hurt yet but we have not hit anybody so we should not have anybody hurt.

"I think we are getting a lot of teaching done and we are getting indoctrinated as far as paying attention to detail and doing all the little things right, so that is real important right now. We are getting a chance to work on our hand placement, our footwork, and all that type stuff we want to get done," he commented

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