February 12, 2007

This and That: Marquette

As a companion to typical game coverage, This and That presents sights and sounds of G'Town's 76-58 victory over Marquette.

Switching It Up: Both Georgetown and Marquette employed multiple defenses, first starting out in aman-to-man defense and alternating various zone defenses. Such a tactic many times has the effect of flummoxing opponents into not only turnovers, but also offensive hesitancy.

To each team's credit, they handled the switches well. Against man-to-man defenses ball penetration became the focus, and versus zones the teams either rotated the ball on the perimeter or passed it to the elbow where either a shot or pass was made.

That both the Hoyas and Golden Eagles were not significantly bothered (each only committed 10 turnovers) by facing alternating defenses is a testament to coaching.

"I think we were prepared for that I think, in that they do a tremendous job of mixing their defenses," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. "They are a team that has a very good man-to-man defense and a collection of zones that are also very good. And they do a good job of switching back and forth.

"I do think we did do a pretty good job. There were a few possessions there early in the first half where I thought we were too stagnant. I thought we weren't moving, cutting hard enough. Once we picked up the pace and started running a little bit everything started opening up."

Dominic James, Marquette's sophomore All-American candidate indicated his coach, Tom Crean, had more than prepped the Golden Eagles for alternating defenses.

"We knew they were going to do that a lot. I felt we were prepared for it," he said. "We didn't execute during those times."

"They did a good job of switching their defenses and not giving us the same look."

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