January 31, 2007

Breakdown: Durant dominates in Lubbock

The Texas Longhorns rode the dominant performance of Kevin Durant on the offensive end and a strong team effort on the defensive end in the second half beating the Texas Tech Red Raiders 76-64. Durant scored a career-high tying 37 points and pulled down a career-high 23 rebounds. The win gives the Longhorns a quality road win, which had been lacking on the NCAA Tournament resume.

The task wouldn't be easy as the Red Raiders had beaten top ten ranked Kansas and Texas A&M in their last two home games. One historic performance later by the nation's top player, Durant, and the Longhorns added the quality road win to their NCAA Tournament resume beating Texas Tech 76-64.

Durant produces a record night

Kevin Durant was simply sensational Wednesday night in Lubbock. He put together a solid first half of work with 13 points and 11 rebounds, but it didn't compare to the second half performance by the Big 12's leading scorer and rebounder. In the second half, Durant hit 10 of 18 shots, scoring 24 points in the process, while grabbing 2 rebounds and playing very good on the ball defense against Tech's Martin Zeno.

It was the first time on the season that Durant relied on fundamental blocking out instead of rebounding on athletic ability and length. The difference was the ability to control the second and third tip rebounds every time the ball was near.

The Longhorns did a very good job of getting the ball to Durant in spots to take advantage of Red Raider defenders. When defended by Zeno, Texas ran Durant off of a double screen from side to side resulting in Durant getting post up position inside of 10-feet. When the pass was quick hitting Durant with crisp timing, the result was an easy basket over the 6-5 Zeno. When defender by a Tech big man, Texas went screen roll and Durant went to work off the dribble or shooting the three over the top.

D.J. Augustin did a terrific job of getting the ball to Durant in the half court, but again did a very good job of finding Durant on the secondary break. The result is clean three-point looks for Durant.

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