January 15, 2007

An artist in action

There was a moment during the 2006 college football season when every Texas Longhorn fan found themselves thinking the same exact thought.

It might have happened in the first game of the season. It might have come in the waning moments of the first loss of the season against Ohio State. Hell, it probably happened in every game this season.

Everyone say it together, "I miss Vince."

It really didn't matter what kind of season redshirt freshman Colt McCoy had for the Longhorns this season and make no mistake about it - he was sensational for most of the season, but there's just something different about that Young character.

When Young took the field for the Longhorns in 2005, it was like watching Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci in their primes. Every run and every pass by the Longhorn legend was a stroke of genius. In his final moment of truth against USC in the Rose Bowl, it was almost as if Young transformed himself into Michelangelo and was working on Sistine Chapel ceiling.

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