December 26, 2006

Lucky makes his Dallas homecoming this week

DALLAS - A little known fact about Nebraska sophomore running back Marlon Lucky is he spent the first 13 years of his life living in Dallas with his mother.

Lucky's fondest childhood memories are from when he lived in the "Big D" and he still considers himself a Dallas Cowboys fan, even though he moved to North Hollywood with his uncle at age 13.

When the Huskers land in Dallas later today to begin preparations for their New Years Day game against Auburn in the Cotton Bowl, Lucky said he'll be very happy to get back to the place he once called home.

"I remember Dallas a lot," Lucky said. "I remember playing sandlot football, my apartments I lived in, I played basketball…I mean I played everything. Just living there was a great time.

"I'm real excited to get down there. My whole family is down there. They moved from New Orleans down there and they are all going to be there."

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