December 19, 2006

Coaches putting the heat on Woods

Tony Woods knew he needed to add some weight to his long 6-foot-10 frame. His solution? Getting a job at the local Bojangles fast food restaurant.

In four months of working there, the Rome (Ga.) High School prospect said his new employment has helped pack on some pounds.

"Yeah, eight pounds," Woods said with a laugh. "Now I just have to make sure it's good weight."

The added weight has helped give a little more strength to his 215-pound frame.

"He's so much stronger. I'd say he's gained 20 to 25 pounds since this time last year," his coach Keeth Jones said. "He's benching 200 pounds and squatting 315. Balls he used to catch and try to put back in, he's scoring now. Last year, he wasn't doing as much of that."

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