December 2, 2006

Practice Report: Kines takes over

The Alabama football team took the practice field under a new head for the first time since fall camp of 2003 as interim head coach Joe Kines led the team in a Saturday morning full-pads session.

"We'll work on Alabama first trying to work on individual skills and then we'll work on the opponent more as we get closer to the game," Kines said.

Kines was upbeat about what was clearly a highly intense practice session, saying that he viewed the bowl season as a tremendous opportunity for the young Crimson Tide.

"There's a bunch of folks that have put their pads up. They have no chance to get better this year. Right now, we just left the field and we got a little better. If we get two or three guys better today, two or three better tomorrow and two or three better the next day, pretty soon the scales are going to tip in our direction. You can't do it all at once but as long as you're working at it, you're going to get better."


* Though Kines would not address any injury questions posed after practice, Jimmy Johns was seen practicing with a cast on his right hand.

* Other players who were present but did not practice included Charlie Kirschman, Roy Upchurch and Terry Grant.

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