November 10, 2006

Q&A with Andre Smith

Q: Has this been a tough week for the offensive line?

A: We're working hard. This week has been more about technique than anything. Pass protection and drive blocking, that's what it's been all about. It's been a good week of practice.

Q: What did you think of LSU when you visited there as a recruit?

A: It was a great atmosphere when I was down there. It's a big stadium. I know a lot of guys playing on their team were in the U.S. Army game I played in so I've met a lot of the guys I'll be playing against. I saw how exciting it is when they get off the bus and how crazy the crowd can be. Everybody's been warning me about how mean the crowd will be now that I'm with Alabama but I'm really looking forward to it.

Q: Were you surprised that you guys had such a tough time with Mississippi State's defensive front?

A: Mississippi State's defensive line is extremely good. Just because they play for Mississippi State doesn't mean they aren't top level players. They are legitimate defensive pass rushers. Titus Brown is probably the fastest guy Chris Capps is going to face all year. We're not thinking too much about State anymore, we're just totally focused on LSU now.

Q: How frustrating was it to see MSU getting to John Parker on a regular basis?

A: I just love JP so much I don't want to see him get hit ever. I look at it like he's my mom in the backfield, and I don't want anybody to hit my mom. If you hit my mom, there's consequences. I was getting pretty frustrated with what was happening last week just because of how much he was getting hit. I could have done some things better and the whole team could have done some things better so we have to get back to work and figure this out.

Q: How has Chris Capps handled himself this week after what he called the worst game of his career?

A: Capps is great. He's a great guy and he's taught me a lot and helped me be prepared to play tackle in college. He's not really down anymore. I think he actually made a lot of plays last week, he just missed on a few and they came back to bite us. He's not the kind of guy that will let that discourage him. He's going to continue to work hard.

Q: Do you ever wish you had taken a redshirt this season to take a year and learn more before diving into the college game?

A: I sat on the bench my 8th grade year for the spring game and that's the worst experience I've ever been through in my life. That's the last time I didn't start. I hate being on the bench. I hate it. I want to be out there competing, so I wouldn't give up being out on the field right now for anything. I wish I could play on both sides of the ball sometimes.

Q: There's a story out there about you facing off against Justin Tubbs in a basketball game. What happened there?

A: He actually tried to dunk on me. I don't know why he even tried, I cover a pretty large area. I just stood there and he flipped over me. I got called for the foul because I moved my shoulder a little bit and didn't take the charge the way I should have. But basically, he paid the consequences for trying to dunk on me.

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