November 9, 2006

Offensive notebook: Nowhere to go but up

Failing to score any points against Mississippi State for the second year in a row didn't do anything for the already low confidence level of the Crimson Tide offense but after reaching their low point on Saturday night, they believe they are on their way back up again.

"We were really down there is no question about it," said offensive coordinator Dave Rader. "Everybody did not expect that outcome of the game. We watched and realized what it was that cost us the win, not only Mississippi State playing well but the mistakes we made. Coach Shula has done a great job of getting us all in a rebound position. He has talked to the team and it has been straight ahead since then with a real positive atmosphere with a bunch of energy."

With the high-powered LSU Tigers ahead, the Tide will have to do something drastically different to be able to compete with what many believe to be the nation's most talented team.

"We will try to put together the best possible plan for our unit to move the ball and score points. I am anxious to be around the guys tonight because Sunday night we watched the tape and went through corrections. We went out Sunday night and went right into LSU. We said the previous games were over and done with so let's go out there and get ready to play LSU."

The scoreboard in the loss to the Bulldogs last weekend wasn't nearly as embarrassing as the manner in which the Tide lost.

"The bottom line is, we got beat up physically," said Tim Castille. "They decided to come out and punch us in the mouth and we took it. You can't allow that to happen in any game and expect to win."

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