October 22, 2006

Patrick a capable replacement for AD

As the Sooners prepared to take on Colorado this week, talk continued to center on Adrian Peterson's broken collarbone.

Replacing Peterson wasn't an afterthought, but instead of breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of the newly elevated Allen Patrick, many chose to focus on the timetable for Peterson's return from injury.

The worries surrounding an Oklahoma offense post-Peterson should have been a bigger cause for concern.

This was a running back who had shown an early case of fumblitis earlier this season as a reserve. This was a running back long on potential, but short on results.

With Peterson in the backfield, opposing defenses clinged to the line of scrimmage in order to slow down the Oklahoma rushing attack. Without Peterson, Paul Thompson was thought to be vulnerable to secondaries looking to take advantage of a quarterback now void of a safety net.

Saturday's game against a stiff Colorado defense helped answer some of those questions, even if Patrick's effectiveness wasn't the biggest question foremost on the minds of Sooner fans.

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