October 8, 2006

Wilson's tough day caused by mistakes

The Oklahoma offense was plagued by turnovers and penalties on Saturday in the Cotton Bowl. Paul Thompson made some big plays in the passing game. Adrian Peterson made some big plays in the running game. But the effort was wasted when penalties and turnovers kept the Sooners out of the endzone for most of the day.

The Sooner offense had it's worst scoring production of the year, but they still had as many promising moments as any other time of the year. So what went wrong and where to they go from here? Kevin Wilson talked with members of the media following OU's 28-10 loss to Texas.

On turnovers and penalties dooming his offense...

Yeah, and that's an issue for every offense is to keep that to a minimum. It's something that we have worked, we've been working and we'll continue to work, but our goal is to be a sound offense. That means you don't turn it over, you don't have the negative plays, especially with sacks and you don't have penalties and especially the procedure penalties where we had the procedure penalties where we had three or four jumps.

I told them in the first half. The first possession we don't score, the next possession we got it going and we jump offsides. The following possession we get it going and we get called for interference and then the next possession we score.

We've got to continue to take that out. Our kids have been practicing well and I'm proud of them, I appreciate them, but you can't beat anybody with five turnovers.

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