October 6, 2006

SoonerScoop.com breaks down OU-Texas

Each week you ask for a scored prediction from SoonerScoop.com's leading men, well we've decided to do you one better. This week SoonerScoop.com brings you a full break down from editor Carey Murdock and associate editor Josh McCuistion. Not just scores, but match-up issues, problems, and the things that will make or break the Sooners chances.

So read along as we break it down for you:


Murdock: Texas will come into this game trying to shut down Adrian Peterson without selling out to stop the run. That could be a big mistake as Peterson hasn't seen a seven or eight man box for an entire game since he was a freshman. Heck, it could have been the last time he played Texas for all I know.

Paul Thompson had ice water in his veins against Oregon, so I don't expect him to fall apart in the Cotton Bowl. But Texas will blitz like Oklahoma's never seen on Saturday. I do worry about Chris Messner and Branndon Braxton on the exterior of the offense.

But this defense has been really solid at blitz pickups up to this point. The Sooners might keep in the tight ends a little more on Saturday to help with max protection, but they could be the ones to really come up with some big plays also.

Read more, for score predictions and further breakdowns of every angle of this game.

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