October 5, 2006

Buddy Wyatt talks to BOL

Q: How have you felt about the defensive line play so far this season?

A: I've been pleased with the d-line play. We need them to be more productive but for what we've been doing, they've been doing pretty well. I'd still like to see the young guys do better and keep coming along but I feel very good about the three seniors. They're working hard and doing what we ask them to do. They're trying to be leaders for the team.

We've been playing offenses that like to spread you out and do a lot of different things so we've had to play a lot of three-man down and they get double-teamed an awful lot on the inside. Hopefully we'll start playing some teams that play with two backs in the backfield and we'll get two tackles in there at once and be able to do some things.

Overall, I think they're working hard, they're getting better and they understand what offenses are trying to do to them. I'm pleased.

Q: What's your assessment of the freshmen defensive linemen so far?

Lorenzo Washington is really coming on and working hard. We just haven't had an opportunity to get him in the ballgame. We have been playing a lot of 30 fronts so we roll those defensive tackles into that nose tackle position so there's not a lot of snaps there for him. Once we get some more four man fronts, we'll have more of a chance to get him involved.

Brandon Deaderick has come along on the field and is doing some good things. Byron Walton has probably made the most improvement of any of them. Experience is going to be a concern because we haven't had a chance to get them a lot of playing time but experience on the field has made each of them better and I like that about them.

Q: What are your impressions of the Tide's offensive line, since your unit practices against them every week?

I like our offensive line. I think you have to start with the big fella at left tackle. Andre Smith is a very talented young man. Obviously he's a young guy and he's got a lot to learn but he's a scary talent.

You're not going to go against many as good as Antoine Caldwell. He can play guard, he can play center, he can play just about anywhere. He's very athletic and explosive and very competitive so when we go one-on-ones or go against him he's going to compete with our guys.

They also added Justin Britt who brings some toughness up there and you have B.J. Stabler who has played some great ball for us this year and Chris Capps has gotten a lot better as well.

I like the offensive line a lot. They run a different style from someone like Florida. We're an aggressive, smash-mouth unit and Florida was more of a zone team. When we go out to practice against those guys every day, we're going to get some smash mouth football. I really think going against our own guys has been by far the toughest challenge we've had and that's great for our defensive line.

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