September 27, 2006

Bellotti talks about Ducks, game with ASU

Oregon coach Mike Bellotti spoke with reporters Tuesday on a conference call about the health and status of his 3-0 team coming off a bye week and following its controversial win over Oklahoma. He also spoke about Arizona State quarterback Rudy Carpenter and gave his thoughts on the Sun Devils.

On the team's bye week and injury status:

"The bye week went well although we lost a player. Jason Turner tore his ACL in a scrimmage on Thursday which was a blow to us. He was basically our starting fullback and a special teams player and linebacker … Jeremy Gibbs is not practicing at this point. I believe he'll get back to practicing today or tomorrow and I do believe he'll be ready to play at Arizona State … There really weren't a lot of injuries from the Oklahoma game, it was more guys with nagging injuries coming into the game. Garren Strong and Cameron Colvin who both played sparingly if at all against Oklahoma. So I expect them be healthy and ready to go. A lot of the guys with nagging injuries are feeling much much better. A week off has for the most part given them a new lease on life. We got some good work in with some of our younger players; they get a chance to be coached and compete a little bit. So we're relatively healthy. I think we have actually gained Terrell Ward back at the cornerback position. Michael DiVincenzo is practicing at defensive end and his status will be a gametime decision."

On quarterback Dennis Dixon gaining experience last season when Kellen Clemens:

"We've talked about the fact that losing Kellen was such a blow to our program but the silver lining in that was that Dennis started four games including a bowl game and led us to victories in several of those and had just tremendous opportunities and experiences that are invaluable now and what happens when you do that is now in the off-season, you know what to prepare for. When you haven't been a starter, when you haven't played in those situations, you really don't even know what you're looking at. But now having played in that I think he's spent his spring, summer and fall camp with the specific thoughts of, 'what am I going to do in a game situation. Here's what's going to happen to me,' and I think he prepared in that manner. It's certainly showing in the way he's played the game."

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