September 15, 2006

Five key questions about USC heading into Saturday

Every week will sit down with either the play-by-play voice or beat writer for the opposing team Nebraska is facing off against to get an opponents perspective.

This week we talked with USC beat writer Scott Wolf from the Los Angles Daily News to get the latest one what's going on with the Trojans as they get ready for Saturday's National TV game against the Huskers.

1 - What is the key match-up in this game in your opinion?

"That's a tough question. If I had to guess, I'd probably say it's whether Nebraska's secondary can stop USC's receivers. I don't know if they've faced guys like USC has this season.

"USC has talked about this match-up a little bit, but they try to play it close to the vest. The receivers are real itchy for some passes because they didn't get a lot of chances in the Arkansas game. They feel like they have a lot to prove right now."

2 - What early concerns do you have about USC after this first game at Arkansas?

"I think that their defense didn't get tested because Arkansas couldn't really pass the ball effectively. Arkansas also fumbled in the first half, so that changed the complexion of the game. I think offensively they looked pretty solid considering their experience level, but they didn't have a lot of pressure on them either because Arkansas's offense wasn't doing a whole lot."

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