September 14, 2006

Brandon Breazell talks to BB.c

Wide receiver Brandon Breazell made a heck of a catch for a touchdown against Rice. He is fast becoming a playmaker for the Bruins. Breazell pound for pound is one of the toughest Bruins on the team watch him when he blocks. You may be surprised what school was the first to offer him a scholie all those years ago.

Breazell was kind of enough to spend a few moments with after Tuesday's practice. That was a heck of a touchdown catch you made on Saturday. Were you ever afraid that the refs would take it away from you?

Breazell: "No, I knew I was in. The same thing happened to me against Arizona State last year. It felt the same. I knew where I was on the sideline before the pile on. If I would have stepped out I would have hit the pile on.

"I just knew where I lined up and how far he jammed me so I knew how much room I had to being out of bounds." Tell us about your season so far catching passes from Ben Olson?

Breazell: "It is great (catching passes from Olson) and working with him over the summer getting used to his rotation because he's a lefty from catching passes from Drew Olson who was a righty.

"It is great, the ball comes in harder and I think Ben is more comfortable now." Is that a big difference catching passes from righty and a lefty?

Breazell: "Yes it is a big difference. We started off the summer time with Patrick Cowan and when Ben jumped in there we dropped a lot more balls. So we had to stay after practice and catch some balls with him and get to know him better."

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