September 12, 2006

Legion of Doom

Since the days when Dan Cmpbell roamed Kyle Field in the late 1990s Texas A&M hasn't had a tight end that has given the Aggies an extra threat in the offense.

One could argue that Greg Porter fit that role for a little while, but he only played tight end for one season after moving from wide receiver.

But now the Aggies all of a sudden have two tight ends that would make any team in the nation jealous in sophomore Martellus Bennett and junior Joey Thomas.

And the two of them are bringing and new moniker to Kyle Field that follows in the footsteps of the Wrecking Crew.

These tight ends are known as the Legion of Doom.

"I always feel like if you're a part of something you always play a lot better. It's like the Wrecking Crew back in the day I feel played a lot better because they stood for something and they had something to represent themselves when they go out there," Bennett said. "I don't know where I came up with it but after we started calling ourselves the Legion of Doom we started playing a lot better. Every day in practice we'd shout "LOD" at the defense when we started doing them bad. It's been great."

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