September 8, 2006

Breakdown: Louisiana-Lafayette at Texas A&M

Texas A&M continues the 2006 campaign Saturday when it hosts Louisiana-Lafayette at 6 p.m. at Kyle Field. The Cajuns should give A&M a stronger test than The Citadel did a week ago, and it will give A&M a chance to open up the playbook a little more.

But Louisiana-Lafayette isn't a cakewalk as so many want to believe. The Cajuns boast a powerful running attack with running back Tyrell Fenroy running behind an experienced offensive line.

But the Louisiana-Lafayette defense leaves plenty to be desired, giving A&M's offense a game where they can build confidence and test the arm of quarterback Stephen McGee.

Here is a breakdown comparing the two teams that will face each Saturday on Kyle Field.


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A&M Offensive Line

Louisiana-Lafayette Defensive Line

The A&M offensive line graded out well after the game with The Citadel, even though they didn't look as good as most were expecting. This week they'll have a chance to beat up on another inferior defensive line.

The Cajuns have three seniors seeing time at tackle led by Travis Ferguson, but new players are holding down the ends. This group is solid for the Sun Belt, but not for the Big 12.
A&M Passing Offense

Louisiana-Lafayette Passing Defense

A&M quarterback Stephen McGee admitted to arm troubles that sat him out for over two weeks in training camp and it showed against The Citadel. Still, he made good decisions and now he says he is back to 100-percent. Expect to see McGee prove that his arm is back against a suspect Louisiana-Lafayette secondary.

The Cajuns were absolutely torched by LSU to the tune of 299 passing yards. Senior cornerback Michael Adams is the star of the secondary and is a sure tackler, but his 5-foot-8 frame gives up way too many inches to an Aggie receiving corps that is talented and very deep. Besides, they don't have an answer for A&M tight end Martellus Bennett, but few do.