September 6, 2006

Commitment tracker: Sowell dominates

Being the biggest player on your high school football team has its advantages and disadvantages at times.

You can ask Ole Miss Commitment Bradley Sowell of Hernando about both situations.

While dominating most opponents on the field, there are those defenders that do everything but try to block the 6-foot-8, 335-pound standout lineman.

"This past week against Eupora they lined this very small but fast guy to do nothing but take my legs out all night," Sowell said. "He wouldn't even try to get by me; he just kept diving at my ankles. It got frustrating after a while, he got the most of me on a couple of plays, I landed square in the middle of him."

Eupora rallied to hand Hernando their first loss of the year by the score of 22-19.

"They came back on us and beat us in the fourth quarter by three," Sowell said. "We had a couple of opportunities to win the game but made stupid mistakes, one a penalty and the other a turnover."

In Hernando's first game of the year, the Tigers defeated Memphis Tresvant 18-0 and according to Sowell that was a better game for him.

"The guy would at least take me on and challenge me," Sowell said. "I dominated my opponent most of the night, I guess the Eupora coaches saw that and came up with this game plan against me. I still had over eight pancakes during the game."

According to Sowell he did impress one of the Ole Miss Coaches who attended the game.

"Coach Ryan Nielsen showed up at the right time when I was playing well," Sowell said. "He told my coaches he thought I did really well."

Two other D1 prospects that were spotted during the game were wide receiver Matt Burke and junior defender Andre Whatley. Burke scored one of the Tigers touchdowns and showed good hands.

Sowell showed that for a big man that he can be very athletic, also taking care of the kicking duties for his team. While playing tackle he dominated his opponents despite the defender trying to take his legs out all night. He showed great strength and technique.

In other action by Ole Miss Commitments, Stanley Porter led his West Bolivar team to a 22-8 victory over a bigger Cleveland Eastside team. Drake Nevis and his John Ehret team lost a 21-0 decision, Jamison Hughes led his Oxford Chargers to a 38-14 victory over New Albany.

Johnny Brown didn't not play Friday night nor did Alex Williams, whose season will begin this Friday night.

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