September 4, 2006

Cronan: Problems self inflicted

RR Marshall: Peter, the season opener at Central Michigan brought back memories of last year's bowl game against Boise State and left BC fans out on the ledge once again. How do you begin to describe what we witnessed on Thursday night?

Pete Cronan: As we all know there is no preseason in college football and this first game is as close as you get to it, the difference being this game counts. Everybody on both sides, players and coaches, made mistakes in this game. But Boston College and Central Michigan both had flashes of brilliance, and as the game unfolded it became apparent to me that Central was a whole lot more than people thought they were. Most of the problems BC had in this game were self-inflicted; they dropped at least five catchable passes, yielded a fake field goal, fumbled a punt, and committed some egregious penalties. The good news is that these are all correctable things. But I did see a lot of good things in this game. I liked the aggressive play of the defense. They had been working on stripping the ball quite a bit in practice and it paid off with a big fumble in this game. You also had the outstanding play of quarterback Matt Ryan and an overall good effort by the young receiving corp. So there were a lot of positives to take out of this game.

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