September 1, 2006

No defending defense

Going in to the fourth quarter, Boston College held a solid lead and seemingly a commanding hold on the game. But a special teams gaffe and a suddenly porous defense caused the Eagle Nation faithful to have yet another series of breathless moments against a team that should have been cowed by the mere presence of the Eagles.

Sound familiar? This could have been the opening to the article for the MPC Bowl game last December or the opening game against Ball State in 2004.

The same issues BC was facing three years ago are still haunting the Eagles, but in the end, as ugly as it was, like all of the games we just mentioned, the Eagles came out on top.

But is just coming out on top all that matters? In a perfect world yes but every college football knows the current state of determining champions is far from perfect and for the Eagles to continue to move forward in this flawed ecosystem, they must start coming prepared to play.

They need to cut down on mental mistakes and start putting inferior teams like Central Michigan away for good once the dog is down.

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