August 30, 2006

Answers will have to wait for OU's offense

One of the biggest questions heading into Saturday's season opener with UAB is what everyone will see out of the OU offense. Kevin Wilson's changes to the offense are a closely kept secret.

The Sooners have reportedly made changes, but how radical those change have been, may be slightly overblown. The Sooners have simply taken what Paul Thompson likes and discarded the rest. There are new wrinkles, just as there will be old standbys.

How well the offense is executed will remain a question mark. But it's a question Wilson is curious to answer this weekend.

"We have really practiced well," said Wilson. "Will we play well? I don't know. We've got some unknowns with some young guys and some first-time lineman playing and Paul getting settled back at quarterback. I think the key thing and where we're at is the trust factor."

Trust is an issue with so many new faces on offense, and in particular, on the offensive line. The Sooners return Jon Cooper and Chris Messner to the offensive line. But newcomers such as Brandon Walker, Duke Robinson and Branndon Braxton will have to battle through nerves and inexperience to make everything work together on Saturday.

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