September 1, 2006

Five Tiger questions for the opener

Yesterday, we presented our five questions from the Murray State angle of this weekend's matchup. Now, we take a look on the Tiger side of things. Here are the five things we'll be watching most closely this Saturday.

Is Chase Daniel as good as we think he can be?

Now, you're not really going to get an answer to this one yet. But the main stat we're watching is completion percentage. We don't expect Daniel to come close to the 80% he completed in fall scrimmages, but we want to see at least two-thirds of the passes caught. In addition, the yards per attempt needs to go up from where it's been the last few years. At least eight yards per attempt is good in this game.

Will the offensive line protect Daniel?

Against Murray State, if this doesn't happen, it could be a long year. The Racers had just nine sacks all of last season. They shouldn't touch Daniel, much less knock him down, more than once or twice.

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