August 24, 2006

Sooners can feel first game approaching

With so much going on outside Sooner practices the last two days, a break took place on Wednesday when media members had a chance to meet with Sooner coaches and players following the evening practice. The excitement of Sam Keller's recruitment will now give way to anticipation of Oklahoma's home opener with UAB scheduled for Sept. 2.

It's now time for everyone to get down to business as gameplanning has already begun this week in practices.

"Both sides of the ball (have worked on UAB), along with some other parts of what some other people do on both sides of the ball that kind of fit with what goes along with what we're working with them," said Bob Stoops following practice.

Paul Thompson and Oklahoma are settling into the realization that he's the leader of the offense. They'll go to battle with their senior quarterback at the helm.

"We definitely feel good in what we're doing," said Thompson. "Coach has done a great job getting guys in the right position to make plays and we're doing things that we're comfortable with. We've definitely rep'd those a lot and guys have a lot of film work on UAB. We definitely feel comfortable with the scheme we have going in. We're definitely going to go in there ready to make some plays."

The offense has been in a rush to adjust to Thompson following the dismissal of Bomar, but they do have a player who took the field in the season opener a year ago, even if it wasn't the result anyone expected.

Thompson says he hasn't relived the opener. He hasn't even had the stomach or the desire to watch a replay of the game since it was broken down in film study the Sunday following the loss.

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