August 21, 2006

Q&A: Christensen breaks down the offense The offense dominated the last scrimmage and has won both. Are you happy at this point in camp with what your guys have been able to do?

Dave Christensen: I think we're making progress. As a coach, you're probably never satisfied with where you're at and always trying to strive to do things better. Unless you can run a play and have all 11 guys do the exact right thing on every one, you're never going to be satisfied.

PM: And that hasn't happened yet?

DC: That hasn't happened. But I think we're making progress, we'll continue to work hard and get better. I think that's the challenge that each and every day you come out here, when you leave the field, you're a better player and a better offense.

PM: You guys have always said this offense was not installed for Brad Smith. Fundamentally has anything you are going to do changed?

DC: No, it really hasn't. We designed this offense last year because we thought it would give us an advantage in being able to exploit people in different ways and get different mismatches. We believe in it as much now as we ever have. The great thing about what we're doing is that you can mold the offense to suit your personnel and I think we've kind of done that.

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