August 15, 2006

Will Clark stay at quarterback?

Daryll Clark hears the playful banter coming from his teammates about how he should be a linebacker instead of a quarterback because of his broad shoulders and chiseled arms. But what his teammates don't know is that the 6-foot-2, 224 pound redshirt freshman isn't really listening and neither are his coaches.

"They haven't talked about moving me to any other position or anything like that which is a good thing because I want to play quarterback and that's what I want to play," Clark said. "I want to develop as a quarterback and only as a quarterback."

Quarterback coach Jay Paterno was a little bit more emphatic about where Clark's best position is.

"(He's) staying at quarterback. He's got too strong of an arm and he's got too good a mind for the game so we really don't want to screw with him too much other than just let him develop as a quarterback and see what he can do," he said.

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