August 14, 2006

Linebackers ready for action

BeaverBlitz recently spoke with three Beaver linebackers who will hopefully be wrecking havoc with the opposition this fall. Below are comments from the current first string linebackers, Alan Darlin, Derrick Doggett and Joey LaRocque.

JLR: It was a good session, working out and running. Everyone gelled pretty well and everyone was working really hard. So I'd say we had a really good summer.

Q: Alan, was it better than in past years?

AD: Definitely. It was better than past years in both intensity level and the team feel that we had when we were out there.

Q: Was most of the team here for summer workouts?

JLR: Yeah, there were only a select few that weren't here. Everyone made it a point to be here so that was pretty good.

Q: How has fall camp been going?

DD: Coach Newhouse has been teaching the linebackers a lot and we've just been coming out here trying to get better and be consistent every day.

Q: One of the big questions going into the season is the play of the new linebackers and replacing Trent Bray and Keith Ellison. How do you feel going into the season.

JLR: Well we all practiced together during spring ball, so it isn't like we are just all coming out there for the first time now. Working together in spring ball, we've got that under our belt and we gelled. So now it is all about getting out there and making plays. All of us have the ability to do it; we now just need to go out and do it and show everyone that we can.

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