August 12, 2006

Dorrell meets the press

The first day in pads revealed an improved defense. Not is the attitude good but the tackling has improved immensely. The guys are wrapping up and making the stop. It is a good thing to see. If the Bruins just improve their tackling skills from a year ago this team will be much better. The following is Karl Dorrell meeting with the media after practice.

Dorrell: "It was a good day today. The offense yesterday had, as you know, some pretty nice performances along the way. Even today the offense had some pretty nice performances in the middle of practice and then in the end of practice the defense came alive and did a nice job.

"I like that. That's what you like in camp that both sides are going to have their days where their both battling for success and one side is going to be a little better than the other and vice versa.

"You just got to keep an attitude, keep working, keep getting better, keep competing and that's what these guys are starting to take a lot more pride about.

"If they have a bad day, they are going to regroup and find a way to get out of that situation. If they had a good day they are just going to count that as a good day and see how much better we can get the next day.

"I like the makeup of this team and just have to continue to work hard, practice hard, compete and line up with a pretty good team when it is time to lineup."

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