July 31, 2006

Bonner sees favorites in a blur

Somerville, Tenn., Fayette-Ware athlete Wade Bonner currently sits on two offers and recently took the time to see both schools. While the trip did not go as he originally planned he got to spend time at both camps, all within a 24-hour period. How did the visits go and did either emerge as a clear favorite?

"I went to Arkansas on Friday and Mississippi State Saturday," commented the 5-foot-10, 185-pound star. "All I had time to do was just work out.

"We went early to Arkansas early and got there about eight in the morning, but it didn't start until late. So we stayed in the lounge until five, and started working out about seven, and I left about 12 (Saturday morning) and went to Mississippi State. We got there about nine.

"I guess they didn't want us to work out because I was hot."

While he was forced to squeeze in both activities in such a small amount of time, he felt like he had good showings at both camps.

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