July 20, 2006

High school coach loves LLP's potential

If there's anyone who knows about Laval Lucas-Perry it is Flint Powers Catholic High School head coach Jack Pratt. Coach Pratt has been working with Lucas-Perry for three years now and has seen him develop into an elite-level talent.

GOAZCATS.com caught up with Pratt, who had plenty of interesting things to say about the future Wildcat.

GOAZCATS.com: In your opinion, why is Laval so underrated?

Coach Pratt: He's a late developer in terms of his body and his strength. He's really improved since last year. He's always been a great basketball player but now he's a tremendous athlete to go along with it.

The athleticism and strength that he's developed in the last year is hopefully going to improve his game even more. We expect great things from him next year at Powers and in the following years with the Arizona Wildcats.

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