May 3, 2006

One day to go: Lance Thomas Q&A

It's down to final 24 hours for Lance Thomas as the talented forward prepares to announce his college destination at a press conference Thursday afternoon at 4.

Justin Young sat down with Devils Illustrated to answer some questions about the Thomas decision.

What are the strengths of Thomas' game that most appeal to the Duke
Staff and how they want to play? i.e. How would he fit into the Duke system?

JY: "I think the thing that coaches like so much in Lance Thomas is his non-stop motor. The kid is a maniac out there. I mean that in a good way. He just plays so hard and he plays his hardest around the 31 and 32 minute of a high school game. He's the guy you want to create something around the basket in clutch situations. With his inside/out abilities, I've always thought of him as the glue guy for the rest of the 2006 recruits. He makes Gerald Henderson a better slasher. He makes Jon Scheyer a better perimeter player. He makes Brian Zoubek a better one on one center. Thomas just commands so much attention because he plays hard no matter where he is on the floor. But for Duke, he's a guy that can do the most damage 15 feet and in and on the glass."

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