April 13, 2006

Powered Up: Daniel's day is here

In just about 48 hours, the general public gets its first look at Missouri sans Brad Smith. Nobody outside the four walls of the Tiger locker room knows what to expect. Even those within those four walls cannot be sure.

Now, let me say, as I have multiple times over covering three spring football sessions, that valid judgments cannot be made off spring football. In other words, please don't walk away from Saturday's Black and Gold game thinking Chase Daniel is either the savior or the death knell of the program. I suppose it's possible he could be either one, but you're not going to know that answer by Sunday morning.

With that out of the way, Saturday is a statement day for Daniel.

Coming into the spring, I told fans I would be floored if Daniel didn't win the starting quarterback job. I stand by that assessment now. I think Brandon Coleman is a fine quarterback and he'll get some snaps this year. I think he's a great kid and he deserves credit for sticking around when it has been obvious for years the best he could hope for was one year of being a starting quarterback. However, when you've got one guy who has three years of eligibility left and one guy who has one year, you play the youngster unless the older guy is far superior.

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