July 29, 2014

No. 10: Kozan





Alex Kozan
6-foot-4, 300 pounds, Sophomore

BUNKER rank BM rank AD rank JGT rank
11 4 6 12

Alex Kozan took a lot of people by surprise last season.

Will that happen again this fall?

That's a complicated question. When he's healthy, Kozan is an above-average SEC guard with enough agility to finish pull blocks and enough power to move defensive tackles away from the hole.

Still, it's unclear just how fit Kozan will be when camp opens later this week. He's been struggling with a back problem during the summer, which may be remedied via rehabilitation. It also may require a surgical procedure that could knock him out for the season. It's unclear which path Kozan will take. Or if he'll be available this fall.

Let's focus on what we know. Kozan redshirted during the Tigers' disastrous 2012 season and arrived on the scene last fall as something of an unknown. He won the job out of fall camp and never looked back, locking down the gig at left guard with amplomb.

Though nobody ever will descrive Kozan as quick, he's improved his agility enough to satisfy the job requirements. And though nobody ever will identify Kozan as a weight-room warrior, he's strong enough. Remarkable attention to technical concerns -- stuff like hip roll, balance, hand placement, maintaining a base without bending -- gave Kozan the ability to thrive early in his career.

It should help him remain productive as well.
- Jay G. Tate

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