August 28, 2013

OSI breaks down the stock of key players with Oklahoma State

From time to time we'll breakdown the Oklahoma State team in a way you don't see too often unless you're in my Macroeconomics class.

I'm going to break them down by way of stocks, the same way I break down the American market.

It's a way of gauging who's hot and who's not at different times of the season, and amassing all the rumors and analysis into one place.

If we're buying, that means confidence is high with that player or coach. If we're selling, it means the opposite.

To begin the season, this is where we stand with a few key players, positions, and coaches at Oklahoma State.

QB J.W. Walsh: Buying
By all accounts, Walsh has been tearing up fall camp and practices, and blowing position-made Clint Chelf out of the water in their competition. Enough so that Chelf was thought to be the starter, yet Gundy announced last Saturday that both players would play quite a bit on Saturday against Mississippi State. A lot of "Insiders" that have access to practice are saying Walsh will be the guy for OSU by the time Week 3 rolls around, and it's coming from so many places that I'm forced to believe that it's true.

LB Ryan Simmons: Buying
I wrote about it last week, but long story short, defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer thinks that Simmons is capable of exploding this season after his offseason move to the Will linebacker spot. He's slimmed down a little, which has gotten him a little faster, and he said he's "beyond excited" about showing what he's got as a starter for the OSU defense.

WR Blake Jackson: Selling
You can read the facial expressions of the coaches when you ask about him despite them saying that he's doing "fine". There's just something about their body language, and when you combine that with the rumors of him not performing at the level they thought he would, it raises concerns. It was also talked about in the offseason that Tracy Moore would see some time inside instead of always being a perimeter threat. Covering for Jackson? I'm selling.

DE's Tyler Johnson and Jimmy Bean: Buying
Tyler Johnson has been all the rage since the middle of the summer. By all accounts, he's put it together. Bean was the talk of the town after a strong spring game, and has really built up his body after coming into the program extremely skinny two years ago. Spencer said he's comfortable with the two getting on the perimeter and creating a pass rush, and if they can do that and their backups can keep up the pace somewhat when it's their turn, this position might not cause as much worry this season as originally thought.

Offensive line: Watching very carefully
I'm never one to doubt O-line coach Joe Wickline, but he's got his work cut out for him right now. Starter Devin Davis went down for the season about a week and a half ago with a torn ACL, and Parker Graham said that he would be on award watch lists by the end of the season. That means Wickline will have to do some shuffling. Is he capable of pulling it out and creating another great unit? Of course he is. That's why I'm not making any moves, just watching very closely on Saturday.

Defensive backs: Buying
Yep, I'm drinking the orange Kool-Aid on this one. It wouldn't surprise me if it's a spiked drink with some of the offenses that are in college football these days, but by all accounts those guys have really made strides this offseason. It starts with Justin Gilbert, whom Mike Gundy said listened to outside sources last season that really threw his year off. If he sets the tone, first year starter Kevin Peterson and suspect safety Shamiel Gary will follow suit, and from the sounds of it, that's exactly what Gilbert is going to do.

Oklahoma State kicks off with Mississippi State on Saturday in Houston at 2:30 pm. The game will be televised on ABC, ESPN 2, and online at ESPN's website.

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