August 15, 2013

Day 9 pm Rewind: Digging into the QB race

The emphasis of Wednesday evening's practice was on third-down situations, much like it was last Saturday evening.

The difference between Wednesday and Saturday, though? The offense was very efficient Wednesday, as opposed to Saturday when the defense dominated (to the tune of four picks).

Mike Riley has said that he hopes to decide on a starting quarterback by the end of the week. With that in mind, I focused my attention exclusively on Cody Vaz and Sean Mannion Wednesday evening.

The offense ran 44 snaps split over three 11 vs. 11 sessions, and 32 snaps split over two 7-on-7 sessions.

Freshman Brent VanderVeen took seven reps; the rest belonged to Vaz and Mannion. Vaz ran the first team; Mannion ran the second team.

The sticks would be set at 3rd-and-3, then 3rd-and-5, then 3rd-and-7, then 3rd-and-9. Then one unit would come off the field and the other unit would take over, with the sticks being reset to 3rd-and-3. Four draw plays were called; the rest were pass plays.

By my unofficial count, here were Vaz and Mannion's stats on the evening:


Team: 13/17
7-on-7: 11/14
Overall: 24/31

Team: 14/20
7-on-7: 12/14
Overall: 26/34

Both players were extremely efficient, and neither threw an interception.

Another relevant note: earlier in the week, I said whoever's day it was to throw to Brandin Cooks has usually had the better practice (Vaz and Mannion have alternated practices with the 1's). But Cooks wasn't much of a factor Wednesday evening. He only caught four passes, and VanderVeen threw two of them.

The good:

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