February 20, 2013

2013 Tiger Mailbag: Eighth Edition

jncatch asks: With all the talk about Texas' AD ripping MU about good vs. bad years. Do you think MU should issue an open challenge to the Big XII stating they would play anyone, anywhere in football or basketball? I know this would never happen, but I think this would not only get us a lot of good pub, but also indicate to the SEC and recruits that we are here, ready to play, and aren't afraid of anyone. What say you?

GD: I say who cares? If Big 12 teams want to play, fine. If not, fine. The only one I really care if Missouri ever plays again is Kansas, and even then I only care in basketball. Honestly, if I were at K-State, I'd get Missouri on the phone and say "Let's start up an annual series at the Sprint Center." It's a giant middle finger to Kansas from each of their rivals. It would tell the Jayhawk administration, "We can do plenty in KC with or without you. If you guys want to play, great. If not, we've got a decent little game going here every December." And if the Wildcats want to play a home and home in football, fine, do that too. But honestly, we're at the point where I'm ready to move on from all the Big 12 drama and the "newness" of the SEC. This is Missouri's league. We don't have to talk about it like it's something brand new every day. And, Mr. Dodds, the best way to show me you still care is to scream loudly about how much you don't care.

mufootball1 asks: Which would be a bigger failure:

Mizzou failing to make a bowl game or Mizzou failing to make the NCAA Tournament?

GD: NCAA Tournament because the basketball team is better. But I don't think you'll have to worry about that after Tuesday night.

objectivitycave asks: Which group of haters has more beef? The Pressey bashers or the Franklin bashers?

GD: I don't know. Probably pretty close. The fact is, the guy with the ball in his hands more than anyone else is going to get the most blame. Most fans (and media) will blame the QB for an interception. May or may not be true. Most fans (and media) will focus on the guy that made the bad play in the final 30 seconds but ignore a lot of the bad plays in the first 39:30. It's human nature, but it's also wrong. Franklin was hurt and Missouri wasn't very good without him (to be fair, they weren't great with him either). But football is the ultimate team game. One player has a far bigger impact in basketball. Phil has had some tough times this year. But take him off this team and Missouri has more losses than wins.

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