December 29, 2012

Williams weighing options

ATLANTA - Watching 2014 Georgia Walton Academy running back Stanley Williams can be tough, and it isn't because he doesn't do exciting things when the ball is in his hands.

As a matter of fact, the opposite is true, and the junior speedster is often times a blur when he has running room.

At 5-foot-9 and 191 pounds, Williams has run the 40-yard dash in less than 4.4 seconds on multiple occasions, and he is putting that speed on display this week at Rising Seniors practices.

"I still use the same things that I use in my regular football season. It is just about reading the linemen better and making sure I have a great chemistry with them and the fullbacks and stuff like that," said Williams. "It is definitely different and it is the best of the best. You are going to have to work hard for what you want. It is just about coming out here today, getting to know your teammates, and working hard to compete against the best of the best."

While Williams still possesses the elite speed he showed at Georgia's Dawg Night event almost a year and a half ago, there are still many aspects of his game that have improved since he was offered by UGA and committed that night.

"I have gotten bigger since my freshman year and gotten offers," he said. "I'm more aggressive. I'm also in better shape. Back then I was only getting 15 carries a game back then and now I'm getting 25 or 30 carries a game and that is what I'm going to need if I'm going to move on to play SEC football at the next level. I'm definitely looking forward to this summer. I have a lot of visits and it should be fun."

That isn't the only thing that has changed for the four-star junior.

Williams has gotten interest from some of the top programs in the country, and he has seen the team to which he is committed experience some change as well.

"Georgia had a coach leave a couple of weeks ago," said Williams. "I have a good relationship with Coach (Rodney) Garner and he came to see me play this year and I talked to him after. I'm definitely going to have to go down there to Auburn and see how they are dong things down there. I want to go talk to their coaching staff. I already have an offer but I want to tour the campus and see if they are a factor with me."

Williams, who has never been shy about the fact that he planned on taking as many visits as possible, also admits that his commitment level to the Bulldogs has changed a bit as well.

"Things have changed a little bit. A lot of really good schools have started coming at and putting a lot on my mind," he said. "I just want to make sure by going to visit other places that I have made a good decision. At the end of the summer I want to have something final on where I will go to school but I am still committed to Georgia."

With schools from all over the country looking to get in Williams' ear, the Peach State playmaker is adamant about the fact that he is still a UGA pledge at this time.

"Of course I'm still committed. If I was ever going to decommit, I would want to sit down with the coaches and tell them I am going to go out and just explore my options," said Williams. "Right now I am definitely still committed, but I am going to look around. A lot of schools have put things on my mind and I just want to make sure I have made a right decision."

In spending time at a number of Georgia games this season, Williams noticed the success of the Bulldogs' star freshman running backs Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley, and believes that what the two were able to do was nothing short of impressive.

"They have two great running backs in Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. They really do a great job over there," he said. "They had a lot of weight and a lot of pressure to live up to the hype. You really have to respect the way they responded to that and I wish them luck in their sophomore season and in their bowl game against Nebraska. A lot of players make their decision based on coming in and playing as a freshman but it isn't that big of a deal to me. I just want the chance to come in and work hard and earn my spot."

A number of coaching staffs are telling Williams that they can offer that opportunity, and as of right now, the George Walton standout is listening.

"Auburn and Clemson are on me. I have talked to Coach (Chip) Kelly at Oregon," he said. "They have a great spread system that a lot of people fits me well. South Carolina, Notre Dame, and Alabama are there, too. Just a lot of great schools with two of the schools coming at me being in the National Championship so I just have to make sure with my recruitment."

Whether he is committed to Georgia, uncommitted, or committed to another school, one thing that Williams is optimistic about is his chances of getting to being able to join the team of his choice this time next year.

"There is a chance that I will enroll early," said Williams. "My grades are great right now and there is a chance that I will be able to join my team early at the next level for sure."

Williams has made it known that he plans to have a final decision by the start of his senior season, and he understands that as he looks around and the number of options grows, he decisions will get tougher.

"I just know I have a lot of choices to make in the next few months," he said. "I'm ready for that."

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