December 8, 2012

LeMay ready for next phase

BUTLER, N.C. - Butler (Matthews, N.C.) wide receiver Uriah LeMay didn't play in the second half of many games in 2012. Most of the time, he wasn't really needed.

LeMay helped lead Butler to a 15-0 record and a NCHSAA 4AA title, and the Bulldogs did so with an average margin of victory of just over 37 points per game.

Despite missing three games and the almost every second half during the season, LeMay still piled up the numbers with 52 catches for 1041 yards and 12 touchdowns. He also added 27 carries for 264 yards and four touchdowns on the ground.

Putting up big numbers is good, but for LeMay, it wasn't as good as winning another state championship.

"Really it is a great feeling to win a state championship. Just to be able to add that as the last accolade to end my high school career," said LeMay. "As far as the numbers, really just listing to the coaches' scheme, paying attention, figuring out everything that is going to go on while we are out there on the field, and execute."

Now that his senior season has ended on the highest note, the Georgia commitment will now focus on getting ready for the next level, and that all starts with his official visit to UGA this weekend.

When thinking about that visit, LeMay is most excited about spending time with his future teammates and coaches.

"I do know for a sure a couple of guys are going to be down there. Probably Tramel (Terry), Tray (Matthews), and I think J.J. (Green) is going down," he said. "But I'm looking forward to seeing them as well as some of the other guys who are already there; Ray Drew, Chris Conley, Justin Scott-Wesley, as well as my brother. So just reconnecting with some of the guys as well as seeing Coach (Mark) Richt and Coach (Tony) Ball."

While some prospects may be scurrying to tie up loose ends before the take their athletic and academic career to the next level, LeMay is taking a more laid back approach when it comes to preparing for his move to Athens.

"Really I just had everything as far as football, season is over now," said LeMay when asked what he needed to get done before he enrolls at Georgia. "Pretty much my goals are set; finish high school, enjoy the rest of my senior year, then get over to UGA."

When Georgia landed a commitment from Holmes Community College (Wiggins, Miss.) wide receiver Jonothan Rumph a couple of weeks ago, a few rumors started to circulate that LeMay may not be solid to the Bulldogs.

According to the three star prospects, that couldn't be further from the truth.

"Not really," said LeMay when asked if rumors of him wavering were true. "The only speculation I could assume as to why that would come up would be some of the other guys asking questions about other schools. With myself, having already gone through the process, I'm just helping them out, giving them up dates, phone numbers, things of that nature."

With a brother on the team, quarterback Christian LeMay, the Butler standout was definitely watching last Saturday as Georgia took on Alabama and came up just short in the SEC Championship game by a score of 32-28.

The way the game ended made it a tough pill to swallow for LeMay.

"Just coming up just short. Probably a good five yards away from going to a BCS National Championship game, all you can think of are a lot of what-ifs but all-in-all they did play a good game," he said. "You've got to remember that they did play a good team, in Alabama. It was a slug fest, so it was really who was going to be able to throw the last punch was who was going to come out on top."

Some analysts and even fans blamed the loss on UGA wide receiver Chris Conley who caught a tipped pass from Aaron Murray short of the end zone that allowed the clock to run out, but LeMay, who is very similar to Conley in the way he plays the position, says that there is no reason to blame the one catching the pass on that play.

"As a receiver, of course, when the ball is in the air your first instinct is to go for it. Especially a ball that is catchable," he said. "A lot of people say he probably shouldn't have caught the ball, or this that and the other. But that's your first instinct as a receiver, to catch the ball. Whether it's thrown to you or not, and it was tipped so I'm just going to give credit to the tip."

Now that LeMay has led his team to another state title and has seen his future team play for two straight SEC Championships, he is somewhat giddy to start the next phase of his life in Athens.

"Very excited," said LeMay when asked about his excitement level to move on to the next level. "I get to play with Christian again as well as going and living up the college dream at Georgia so I'm pretty excited."

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