November 12, 2012

He Said. She Said. Breakdown on The Farm

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.She said::...



The offensive line was over-matched early by the bigger and more physical Stanford defensive front, but they hung in there and fought their way back. That game was a total momentum game. Stanford had it in the first quarter, the Beavers gained it in the second and third quarter and the Cardinal regained it in the fourth.

Perspective is an interesting thing. Reading the Bay Area newspapers this morning their take was that Stanford had to battle a really good team to come away with the win. Beaver fans have been doom and gloom.

The biggest issue that I see is the Beavers are still struggling to establish a run game. Storm Woods had some solid runs, but missed a couple key blocks. In order to be a back in Riley's offense you need three things: 1) you have to take care of the football; 2) you have to be able to pass protect; 3) you need to move the ball (either by catching screens or rushing).

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