October 29, 2012

He Said. She Said. Back to Work

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.She said::...



Offensively, that game left me scratching my head.  Going into the game the things we knew about Washington was that their secondary was their strength, while run defense was an area they struggled with.  So what do the Beavers do? Call twice as many pass plays as run plays.

Take nothing away from the Washington defense.  They came out ready to play and looked like they wanted to prove many wrong who thought they were soft, but you still go with the balanced attack that your offense is built upon.

The meat of all Oregon State offensive football discussion centers around the quarterback.  While many in the media will want to create a story about I controversy, I frankly don't see it needing to be controversial.

Sean Mannion has had some glimmers of greatness, but he's battled a shoulder injury at UCLA and now the knee injury versus  Washington State.  Whether it is health or confidence, he doesn't have it right now and Cody Vaz does.

Again, no knock on Mannion.  He's a sophomore who will heal and continue to get better in the Beavers system, but Vaz is the one the team is rallying around right now.  Vaz is the quarterback with the confidence and he is throwing better passes right now.

I continue to go back to Fall Camp 2011, where I truly believed that it was Vaz, not Mannion that was giving Ryan Katz a run for his money.  He then took a few days off with back pain and all of a sudden the coaches anointed Mannion to the top of the depth chart (ok, well they did it in a round about way).

This isn't a 're-building' year where you go with youth and take your lumps.  This 2012 squad can still accomplish a ton, but they have to go with the guy whom the team has confidence in and the guy who has confidence in himself.   The hot hand.

Let Mannion get healthy and go with Vaz .  No controversy…easy choice. 

SHE SAYS-GRADE: C- (would have been higher, but turnovers cost the Beavers the game).


HE SAYS::...

You cannot throw 4 interceptions and have much hope to win a football game on the road.  

Mannion wasn't ready to play that game.   Way too many throws were slow, late, wobbly, or just plain awful.  Was it the knee?  Was it a bad game?  It doesn't matter.   He shouldn't have been out there.

Vaz showed that he is more than capable of leading the team.   Why did Riley rush Mannion back?

I realize hindsight is 20/20.  Riley was trying to avoid a controversy last week by naming Mannion the starter.  Well, he has an even bigger controversy on his hands now, as everything is magnified after a loss.

Shoutout to the offensive line in this game.  I thought they played a nice game, opened up some good holes in the run game and gave the quarterbacks plenty of time to throw.


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