September 22, 2012

THE OFFENSE: Loeffler opts for a different view

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AUBURN -- A look in the eyes means more than a sound in the ears.

And that's why Scot Loeffler coached from the sideline Saturday.

Auburn's offensive coordinator moved from the press box to the field for the Tigers' 12-10 loss to LSU on Saturday night. Loeffler said in August that he prefers to coach from a higher vantage point because it yields a better view of what's happening on the field in real time.

That fact was trumped Saturday by a need to work directly alongside quarterbacks Kiehl Frazier and Jonathan Wallace, who made his first college appearance Saturday night.

"We felt it would be best that I could be face-to-face with Kiehl," Loeffler said. "It was good to be face-to-face with him and make adjustments. He's a young player and we decided that was the best thing."

Loeffler was evasive when asked how long the new arrangement will last.

"I would assume that I'll be down there with him until (Frazier) gets older," he said.

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