August 12, 2012

Mullen praises offensive line

After taking the morning off to attend church services Mississippi State returned their focus to football Sunday evening.

The Bulldogs continued their training camp at South Farm in helmets and shoulders pads and it was a practice that saw head coach Dan Mullen praising the offensive line at the end.

"It was a good practice," Mullen said. "We really started slow today, and we kind of expected it. You get in a rhythm in training camp, (then) we gave them the morning. We went to church this morning, had half the day off to kind of rest. A lot of times when that happens everybody realizes-the coaches, the players, everybody-that hey, I was a little bit tired, just go non-stop. So it started slow. I really liked how practice finished today. Some pretty good intensity out there."

The offensive line, which is replacing three starters from last season, was the standout group from Sunday's work according to Mullen.

"I guess one group (that) stepped up, the offensive line is getting better which is what you want to see," Mullen said. "I'd say I'm nowhere close to figuring out who the five guys we put on the field to start with (are), but some of those younger guys you're starting to see them improve consistently. Which is what we need. Because we don't need a starting five, which we don't have set yet; you also need at least eight. I mean that showed pretty quickly last year when boom-boom, two starters go down in successive games.

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