May 2, 2012

Big plans for Hicks?

While some of Georgia's incoming freshman class are relishing their final weeks as a high school senior, Pierce County's Quayvon Hicks is ready to get his collegiate show on the road.

"I'm as ready as I can be right now," said Hicks, who will arrive with the rest of his new teammates the first weekend in June.

It appears Bulldog coaches already have big plans for the 6-foot-2, 245-pounder.

Although he was offered by schools like Georgia Tech and Miami to play defensive end, Hicks will play fullback for the Bulldogs, who will groom him to compete with returnee Zander Ogletree, Dustin Royston and perhaps Richard Samuel, who got a taste of the position this spring.

Hicks said he's looking forward to the challenge, although apparently coaches have not completely ruled him out from playing some defense somewhere down the road.

Just not right now.

"Fullback is going to be my primary position, because that's where they need me the most right now," Hicks said. "As far as a position change, it may vary in the future, but right now my primary focus is going to be the fullback position."

But before he gets to Athens, Hicks still has some unfinished business on the high school level.

Next week, Hicks will travel up to Jefferson for the state track meet, where he will compete in both the discus and shot put finals for the second year in a row.

After that, it will be two more weeks at home before beginning his collegiate journey, one he's already preparing him for on several fronts.

"I'm just getting ready - not just for school, but for summer camp," Hicks said. "I'm just trying to learn all I can so not only can I become a better player but a better man."

At the same time, Hicks knows he'll have some adjustments to make.

Most - if not all - freshmen do.

"The biggest adjustment is probably going to be so far away from home. I've never been away from my parents, at least for a while and now going from a kid to manhood, it's going to be something new," Hicks said. "I don't know if it will affect me as much because I've been doing a lot of traveling this last year of high school, but me being around my parents most of the time, it will be different."

Hicks is already getting a taste of what it will be like once he gets to Athens.

Like the rest of his future teammates, Hicks has been working his way through the copy of strength and conditioning coach Joe Tereshinski's workout program, designed specifically for members of the incoming freshman class.

"It's been - I can't put it into words," Hicks laughed. "It's not a high school workout. Let's put it like that, but it's certainly going to get us prepared for what we're about to do."