October 22, 2011

Halftime React: UC-USF

Entering the half UC is tied with USF 10-10. What were the key themes from Tampa?

Tough Yards for Pead

A month ago Isaiah Pead referred to USF 2010 as the toughest defense of his career. On eleven carries the creative back has accumulated just 37 yards.


Camerron Cheatham tugged on #81 on the tail end of a big play opportunity. Cheatham's coverage was tight, perhaps too tight. Though not the solitary culprit his penalty did lead to a South Florida touchdown.

His yellow flag followed in line behind a pair of procedural penalties. The Bearcat offense worked to overcome the dual false starts to no avail. One penalty preceded a third and medium play. It really came at a tough time.

Spreading it around

Collaros found many receivers. Isaiah Pead, Travis Kelce, D.J. Woods, Kenbrell Thompkins, Alex Chisum, and Anthony McClung for the list of recipients.

Was Collaros second interception the worst pass of his career? A twelve yard shovel pass into four man coverage certainly ranks highly on that dubious list.

"We have to avoid catastrophic plays," said Coach Jones. "He has to throw the ball away and we will punt the ball away."

Back to the positive. It was nice to see Kelce and Thompkins tugging in multiple first half catches.

Kicking woes

Tony Miliano missed a short field goal wide left. USF looked much worse with a fumbled snap on a surefire field goal.

Somehow the two mishaps evened out. The Bearcats kicker knocked home a longer (43) effort later in the half.

In addition to the errant boots USF fumbled a few returns.

Cornerbacks unsettled

Dominique Battle left the game after allowing a touchdown. Cheatham had the aforementioned penalty. Drew Frey blew a tackle and Deven Drane committed defensive pass interference in the endzone.

In all Daniels completed thirteen passes on 23 attempts. Cam Cheatham broke up a pass in the endzone.

Final word

UC has to be happy to be squared considering their miscues. Collaros has been facing a collapsing pocket, which is disconcerting. Pead has been a great second half back this season. Perhaps he can push UC out front.

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