September 15, 2011

Bauta hopes for QB offer

Dwyer High School (Fla.) quarterback Faton Bauta received an offer from Georgia in June, and while he has said his interest in the programs still very high, he said he is hoping for one small change before he formally locks in Athens for an official.

"They are a great program and I like them a lot but I hope they would change my offer from an athlete offer to a quarterback offer soon. I hope that would happen, but I still have a lot of interest in them," Batua said. "Coach (Mark) Richt offered me as an athlete because he said they weren't offering at quarterback in my year since they already have a bunch. But he said if things change, with the depth chart, he said that the offer could change, and I guess that's what I'm hoping for right now."

While the offer change currently remains a hope, Fauta said it's not necessarily a deal-breaker.

"I think (Georgia) definitely will (get a visit). Even if it's still an athlete offer, I can still go there and be a quarterback. In that case, I'd have a lot more, I guess you could say, work do to, because if I'm an athlete they have the ability to move me if they want to. I really don't want that chance to be taken going into college," Fauta said. "I'd like to know going into college that they want me to be their quarterback, they believe in me to be their quarterback, and they want me to lead them to great things. So that's what I'm looking for and I haven't really found it yet."

The 6-foot-3, 225-pound athlete said he thinks he could fit in the UGA offense well at the quarterback position, and maybe even make it better.

"What Aaron Murray does, I know he's a dual threat as well; he runs the ball well, and throw the ball well. For me, I'm going to strive to be the best quarterback I can be. And in my eyes, I know I can be Aaron Murray and more," Fauta said. "Just because, for me, the past quarterback at any school, wherever I may be may be, might be better than me, but I'm hungrier to get better every day. I wake up every day to make sure I get better, football wise and school wise, and all-around person-wise. I think I can really just bring a lot to the table. I need a whole team behind me. I need a whole coaching staff behind me to believe in me that I can be great. Having that in front of me gets the fire in me, and gets me going to be the best."

While the Georgia coaching staff has yet to change the offer to a quarterback one, Fauta said they are still working on him hard and catering to his preference to run the offense.

"Coach (Kirk) Olivadotti tells me about the atmosphere before the games. He usually calls me Friday night, before the actual game day. He usually just tells me what's going on, he said it's new for him too and he's enjoying it, and it's going to be new for me too, or wherever I go. So it's good to hear how he feels about it. You know, he updates me on players, mostly Murray because he's a great quarterback and that is the position I'm trying to play in college," Fauta said. "It's really good to hear what he has to say and really good to get feedback every week and I love to know what's going on with the school, day by day, and how practices are going and how they are progressing in practice and what the coaches or team is doing to respond after losses or what the practice atmosphere is like."

Rated as the No. 10 dual-threat quarterback in the nation, who has offers in the double digits, the talented athlete said he will be taking the next few weeks to cut down his list and start penciling in visits.

"I don't have a short list right now, but I'm in the process in the next week or two to get my top 5 or top 6 down, so that will come shortly. So within that list will probably come my officials and what not but I'm not real sure because I don't want to rush myself and I'm really focused on the Dwyer team right now," Bauta said. "I know my time is kind of cut short but when the right school comes around and when I see the right school, hopefully I make the right decision. I'm just focused on my team right now, and with the success of this team, I feel like everything will fall into place in college-wise, so I'm not really too worried about it right now."

As for his team's success, Fauta said things have taken a recent turn for the better. From what Fauta called a stumbling start to the season, he said things are back on track and he thinks his team is ready to roll.

"My season got off to a rough start. We went 0-2, well, 0-1,since our first was a preseason game and we lost. And I was hoping to win that, I don't' like losing period, even if it's a preseason game. But we won our first game last week, so now we are 1-1. And now it's going well, my team is striking back after the two losses, we have the ball rolling now and the plan is 13 wins from here on out, win a state championship," Fauta said. "Practices are intense every day because we are hungry for a win, even when we lost our first two. Personally, I can't really say anything about myself because I always want to do better and want to perform great so it's just, so I'll say as a team, we are really picking up, our switch is turning on. We are a young team so it's just that we are a new team to each other so it's going to take a few games to get the ball rolling and we did. So we are going to get that ball rolling down the hill really fast and we'll do some big things this year, so I'm really excited."

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