August 30, 2011

Notebook: Friends off the field

Texas Tech head football coach Tommy Tuberville and Texas State coach Dennis Franchione have some history together. In fact, Tuberville coached his Auburn Tiger team to a win against Franchione's Alabama team in an Iron Bowl matchup in Franchione's last game with the Crimson Tide.

They also have a golf history together.

"He and I go way back," Tuberville said after Tuesday's practice. "I've played a little golf with him over the past few years. I think he's good. He's done a lot for college football and he's been successful every place he's been. I'm excited about him being back in.

"I know from being out the year I was out, you've done it all your life and you haven't done anything else. It will be real fun to get him back into football."

Tuberville said there are some similarities between Franchione's coaching and his own. Tuberville then provided an idea of what Franchione will try to do against Tech and what his Bobcat squad will be about in future seasons.

"He's kind of old school like I am," Tuberville said. "He really believes in fundamentals and technique. You don't fly by night and sling from the hip. He's going to be basic. Hell going to take this team from the ground up and work on everything.

"He knows he's not where he wants (talent wise) to be getting ready to go up to (Division) I-A football which is a big step for them. It's a great school and I think he's got a good chance . The thing they want to do, obviously, is join a conference and a guy with his name will obviously help it."

Franchione has been at Texas State before, back when it was known as Southwest Texas State. He started his first tenure there in 1990.

"We had some special memories from Southwest Texas from when we were here," Franchione said during his press conference Tuesday. "Coming back for Kim (my wife) and I, there was a bit of a feeling we were coming home. There aren't any more stops for us, this is it."

Like Tuberville's 1-1 record against Franchione during their Auburn-Alabama days, the two coaches are pretty even in golf. Texas State special teams coach Brad Franchione is better than both head coaches.

"There's no doubt, his son," Tuberville said. "His son always played with us and he's a pretty good golfer. We're probably about the same."

Brewer and Young Help Tech Prep for Two Quarterbacks

Franchione said Texas State won't make a decision on a starting quarterback until after the ball gets kicked off to them for the first time and that complicates things for the Red Raiders.

Texas State is supposed to have two quarterbacks with different skillsets in Tyler Arndt and Shaun Rutherford. The Red Raiders expect both to play some.

Tech quarterbacks Michael Brewer and Scotty Young simulate the two quarterbacks in practice.

"Mainly Brewer though, we want him to get some scout team work," Tuberville said. "He can do both. Run around and make plays and throw it, stay in the pocket, he's pretty much playing the quarterback this week."

The Future of Non-Televised Football

Tech announced Monday the Texas State game will be streamed online at

Tuberville said that's a good thing and it's probably the future of all football games that aren't picked up by network television.

"I think it's great," Tuberville said. "Gives a lot of guys on this team, their parents, a chance to see the game since it's not on television. You know it's coming sooner or later, you'll be able to see every game on the internet. I think it's great for football, parents and fans that can't go to the games when it's not on television. It will probably get better and better."

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