July 8, 2011

ITG Study: Those who transfer rarely prosper

A lot has changed since head coach Will Muschamp took the helm of the Florida Gators football program. The offense has moved from a spread to a pro-style set, the defense will be multiple look utilizing both 3-4 and 4-3 alignments and the coaching staff is filled with as much NFL experience as some professional teams even possess.

However, what has stuck out the most to fans is Muschamp's apparent no-nonsense attitude when it comes to discipline and the fact that six players (five of whom were very highly ranked coming out of high school) have departed Gainesville, FL since the Georgia grad strode into town with his cowboy boots, dry wit and southern charm.

Though many in the Gator Nation worry and fret over losing talented players such as Chris Martin, the truth is, the rule of thumb for those who transfer out - they very rarely go on to be productive with their new team of choice.

After an exhaustive look at the 46 Florida players who have departed the program via transfer or dismissal since 2002, it is quite apparent that - in the vast majority of cases - the Gators are better off without the players, who either sought greener pastures on their own or did not take advantage of the situation they had been afforded with the Gators and were nudged out of the program.


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